Saturday, November 12, 2016

Assignment for Tuesday, 11-22-16

Dear Mythologists,

On Tuesday, November 22, we'll bring our unit on Jason & Medea to a close. Please do the following:

(1) Prepare for Quiz 3, which we'll have at the start of class. Most of you may have about 30 minutes to complete it, then take a long break. Those who need extra time can work longer, then take a shorter break. Either way, we'll reconvene at 4:35 p.m. for the second half of class.

(And, yes, since this is a school day, I do expect you to return for the second half. No, the fact that your ride is supposedly leaving campus is not an acceptable excuse to miss either class or the quiz. Sorry — travel is what Wednesday is for.)

(2) Read these excerpts from Homer's Odyssey and come to class prepared to discuss both them as well as the Iliad excerpts assigned the previous Thursday. As before, feel free to fill in the gaps with a reliable summary of the poem.

After the quiz, at 4:35, we'll kick off Unit 4 with a discussion of the Trojan Saga and Homer (hint: not the same thing).


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