Saturday, November 12, 2016

Assignment for Thursday, 11-17-16

Dear Mythologists,

With Thanksgiving break approaching, we're going to have to vary the rhythm of the class a bit. Please read this post and its sequels carefully so that you understand not only WHAT we'll be doing over the next few days, but also WHY.

For Thursday, November 17, please do the following:

(1) Read these excerpts from Homer's Iliad in preparation for Unit 4. We won't discuss them for today's class, but you should read them now in order to avoid conflicting with the Odyssey selections due next class. You may fill in the gaps between books with a reliable online summary of the Iliad, so long as you understand that the summary is no substitute for the grandeur of the epic itself.


(a) There's no assigned film to view before today's class. Rather, we'll use class time to screen the rarely-shown A Dream of Passion (Jules Dassin,1978), the last film in our Jason & Medea unit, and an interesting meditation on the intersection between myth in art and myth in real life.

(b) We'll begin the screening promptly at 3:40 and watch all the way through. Since the film runs 110 minutes, we'll have to let the tape roll and won't have time for a break. Plan accordingly!


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