Thursday, September 22, 2016

Assignment for Thursday, 09-29-16

Dear Mythologists,

On Thursday, September 29, our unit on Heracles/Hercules begins, as before, with a look at some ancient sources on the hero.

(1) Read the articles on Heracles and his labors in the Oxford Guide to Classical Mythology in the Arts. Given the hero's vast popularity in antiquity and beyond, you'll quickly discover that these article are long, with sections devoted to each of Heracles' canonical labors, along with an annotated lists of relevant visual and literary works. Remember, don't sweat the details of these lists, but do peruse them and see if you can identify any trends.

(2) Watch the podcast on the tragic poet Euripides and the podcast on Greek tragedy for context on item (3).

(3) Read Euripides' tragedy, Heracles, one of the major primary sources about the hero. As you read, consider the various ways in which Euripides has adapted the story to suit his genre. You might also ask yourself: If you were going to see a tragedy about Heracles, what would your expectations be?

(4) Read Looking at Movies Chapter 6 ("Cinematography"), pp. 259–86 (on camera angles, camera movement, shots, and special effects). Optional: If you're enjoying yourself, begin with the first part of the chapter, pp. 225–59.


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